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Adhesives & Solutions


ContiTech produced high quality adhesives and solutions made in Germany to serve a diverse range of applications.

Our range of offerings:

- Conti Secur® BFA with Activator are two-component adhesives for cold bonding of rubber-rubber/rubber-metal/cold splicing of textile conveyor belt.

- RB Solution for hot splicing of textile/steel cord conveyor belt.

Conti Plus® Metal Primer for enhancing the adhesion strength of rubber lagging and the metal surface of the pulley. 

- Conti Cleaning Solution (CCS) for optimal cleaning of rubber or metal surfaces.

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Belt Maintenance

Belt Maintenance & Repair


Conrema® repair material

Conrema® cold repair material (strips and sheets) are designed for the repair of textile and steel cord belts in order to extend the serviceability and service life of a conveyor belt.

Additionally, we also provide a selection of uncured rubber grades (heat resistant and wear resistant) at varying thicknesses for your repair needs.

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Conveyor accessories

Conveyor Accessories

Correx® Pulley Lagging

We provide Correx® pulley lagging materials for drive pulleys to improve friction resistance as well as for non-drive pulley to improve wear protection of the conveyor belt.

ABS Combi Scraper

For belt cleaning requirements, we provide ABS combi scraper, which are smooth surface vulcanized rubber with self cleaning ability, to be installed at the discharge points of conveyor lines.

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