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For more than 30 years, Kitchai Lohapant Co., Ltd. is proud to have been offering top-quality conveyor belt and service materials from Continental ContiTech to many notable customers in various sectors in Thailand. 

We are able to offer high quality conveyor belts manufactured in either Europe or China and offer any conveyor belt specs for any conveying applications.

Fabric Belt

Fabric Conveyor Belts

Fabric Conveyor Belts for Various Conveying Applications

Continental ContiTech CONTIFLEX® are fabric conveyor belts that can handle various kind of conveying conditions i.e. wear resistant, heat resistant, and oil resistant. The belts can be as wide as 3,200 mm and operate optimally for high incline conveyance of up to 30°).


- Cement plants

- Open-pit and underground mining

- Wood, pulp and paper

- Coal power generation

- Bulk handling terminal

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Steel Cord Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Continental ContiTech STAHLCORD® belts are designed to ensure high strength at maximum conveying capacity as well as excellent impact resistance. ContiTech steel cord conveyor belts provide extended belt life requiring low maintenance.


- Breaking strength up to ST 10000
- Widths up to 6,400 mm
- Roll weights of up to 60 metric tonnes
- Thermally stable, wear, rot, corrosion and chemical resistant
- Fire retardant and anti-static

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Steep incline belt

Steep Incline Conveyor Belts

Steel Incline and Vertical Conveyor Belts (Sidewall Belt)

ContiTech FLEXOWELL® is the world number one for up- and downhill conveying for bulk material of all kinds. 

ContiTech FLEXOWELL® consists of the following components:

- Cross-rigid base belt with horizontal textile and/or transverse steelcord reinforcement

- Corrugated sidewalls made of reinforced, vulcanized rubber

- Transverse cleats preventing the material to be conveyed from sliding backward

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