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High Quality Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Wear Plate

Q&T Wear Plates

Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) wear resistant steel plates are specifically manufactured to have high hardness and abrasion resistance while maintaining the level of formability and structural weight.  

ABREX (formerly known as WEL-TEN AR) is Japan's leading brand of wear resistant steel plate of the highest quality manufactured by Nippon Steel.

Kitchai Lohapant can offer the following grades:

(1) ABREX 450

ABREX 450 wear plates are primarily used as an upgrade to any typical AR 400 wear plate applications as they contain higher hardness (+50 HBW) while the processibility is not compromised. This means that ABREX 450 the wear resistance level can be up to 25% greater than that of AR 400, while the plates can be bend or machined the same way as AR 400 plates.


Better wear resistance = longer service life = better cost savings.


- Typical hardness 450 HBW

(2) ABREX 500

ABREX 500 wear plate is used in extra-tough applications that require higher wear resistance. ABREX 500 offer improved wear resistance while maintaining good processibility.



- Typical hardness 500 HBW 

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Hardfaced Wear Plates

Hardfaced wear plates or Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) wear plates are extra hard clad plates designed for extreme abrasion resistance.

MC-3 Wear Plate is a top-grade hardfaced wear plate from Australia. They are designed down to a microstructure level in combination with utilization of highest quality materials to provide improved wear and impact resistance over conventional hardfaced wear plates while retaining competitive pricing. 

Kitchai Lohapant can offer the following grades:

(1) MC-3 DuAll

MC-3 DuAll wear plates are general purpose austenitic chromium carbide grade wear plates design for use in any highly abrasive applications.

(2) MC-3 HiTuff

MC-3 HiTuff wear plates are ultra refined complex carbide micro-structure for superior abrasion resistance in more severe applications involving impact and higher temperatures.

(3) MC-3 Borite

MC-3 Borite wear plates fine grained martensitic complex carbide for exceptional abrasion resistance in low impact and erosive applications.

We can provide various plate sizes, thicknesses and customizable backing plates (mild steel, Q&T wear plate, high tensile steel, stainless steel, etc.).